A great man completed his time on earth recently in Ibadan, Nigeria. Painfully, I did not make it to the funeral. Seeing lots of pictures, it feels like a dream. I wonder if many people can feel the void he left behind. Yes, feel!
He stood as a strong pillar in everything he believed in especially church and family. I guess resources never go round, but I saw several faces that I remember how he touched.
Then the pictures reminded me of the years… the years gone by and the years going by. I remember standing by caskets in the Boys’ Brigade uniform in the same space shown in the pictures. I remember a tall, old man who used to drive us out of the main church Hall, assuring us that we would eventually inherit the entire church premises.
The other bit is the effect of time on the faces of the people in the pictures: retired-breadwinners, big-brothers-turned-professionals, contemporaries-now-in-diaspora, little-girls-now-business-moguls, etc. I can’t even figure out which former-little-kids are among the young-and-trendy faces in the pictures.
Summarily, the cycle of life keeps turning and everyone is at “midday” for only a period of time.
We must make the most of this time, measured in impact of our lives on other lives.

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