Have you ever seen a beautiful lady or a handsome guy without a bright spirit? Even if such exists, the gloom will override the beauty. The Holy Book says that a merry heart does to us as much good as medicine. Everyone does need a bit of it.

Oftentimes, we do not laugh because we are fixated on our circumstances and hence ignore the big picture.

Do you know what is called Catch 22? A situation in which the solution is locked in the problem. For example, the car key is locked in the car, and you need to drive the car.

If laughter is medicine, then it heals; it solves problems. Yet, problems try to keep us from laughter. However, in this catch 22 situation, we can choose which comes first: the laughter or the problem.

Laugh IN the situation; laugh IN SPITE of the situation.

No beauty without Joy, no joy without laughter.

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