Mankind is funny, at least these days. We hate routines but are creatures of habit. As a result, we have people revolting against routines but not necessary harnessing the power of habits. But are they really separate?

Imagine that an airplane takes off on a trip of 200km which would normally be a road trip of about 2 hours. If the plane gets off course at the start by only 30 cm or 12 inches (or the length of a student’s ruler) which is quite unnoticeable, after 200km, the plan would arrive at a location 600 metres away from its original destination. If the plane goes on for 500 km, it will be off course by 1.5 km.

What can we learn from this?

  1. All flights need course correction from time to time as they necessarily have to get off course for different reasons. There could be any air craft on the right course, there could be a storm, there could be a no-fly zone, etc.
  2. In life, we all make some sorts of course corrections too. Many students get into school to study one course, but ultimately graduate with a degree in a different course. Sometimes, we get on a career and find that it’s not what we really want, and we make adjustments.

However, we shouldn’t only see course corrections as abrupt and massive decisions we have to make. Sometimes, a little step could put us closer to the right path. And it could be easier to make a little step than a massive one. Waking up earlier one day a week could be easier for a start than to have to wake up earlier every day. Determine to not be a latecomer one more day a week. And that’s one way we could get off the wrong habits: a little step off the wrong course every now and then; a little step to do the right thing every now and then.

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