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My 2 Laws of Leadership

During my BSc studies, I was appointed to lead an embattled music group. Weeks after taking up the position, the group couldn’t function. We were just about 3 people left in the group. I play the keyboard, and I could give the drum sounds from the keyboard. I could sing …

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The winds are blowing unabated. Changes everywhere. COVID-19 is still ongoing, upturns and downturns politically, everywhere. There are predictions that the financial markets are about to turn full circle. The only thing about left is the anger of nature, and we pray not. However, the threats are much, and the …

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Clutch at the Straw!

So we’ve been through 2020, and we came out alive!Many are distraught and discouraged, asking, “If long-standing kingdoms could fall so easily before a virus, who then can stand?” There’s wisdom in the English saying that a drowning man will clutch at straw (or a twig) in the water. Swimming …

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Playing to Win vs Playing Not to Lose

The Prisoners’ Dilemma teaches many lessons. One of them is the difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. What could that be? Imagine that two friends, Peter and Paul commit a crime. Eventually, they were picked up by the Police and were being interrogated separately. They were …

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Bimetallic Strip Growth

A bimetallic strip is a contraption of 2 dissimilar metals, say aluminium and brass. Imagine having two rulers, one aluminium, one brass. Glue the two together along their lenghts and you have a bimetallic strip. What is the essence? It is used to measure temperature and get an electrical system …

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Do Not Feed The Animals

Do not feed the animals

While in school, we learnt a lot of things from first principles: we learnt how handy formalae like the almighty formula for quadratic equations are derived. We also learnt technical drawing using Tee Squares and drawing boards before we began to get on computers. Is it still important to learn from first principles?

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Which way Africa?

It was supposed to be a religious discussion. Then it moved to engineering and then to the woes of Africa. Nigerian roads are at their worst. Travel times have practically doubled. Famers have graciously donated their plantations to the feeding of Federal cows. Interstate travels are done with caution since …

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The Slough of Prejudice

“The spell and the impact which the personality and the views of [H.M.] cost and made on me must have been enchanting and profound. It was some twenty years later that I was able to wade out of the slough of prejudice with which I had been indoctrinated …, and …

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