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I found it funny that a “Ukranian” would write a book in English and title it in Yoruba: Olorun wa! His translation of the title was unconventional (it would have read: There is God); but it was philosophical, reading The Roads of Life. Though Sunday Adelaja was born in Yorubaland …

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Gratitude–it’s contagious!

Gratitude! ‘In every thing give thanks…’ (1) Author Barbara Johnson was frazzled; she was running late, and on the bus to work she had to stand. Her attitude was going downhill fast when a cheery voice from the front of the bus announced, ‘Beautiful day, isn’t it?’ She couldn’t see …

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Knowledge, Science, God

Once I was on a plane, and I was scared we were going down! My fear was so early in the flightand unfounded. We were actually midway in the flight and at peak altitude. The atmosphere was very clear! So what happened to me? I remembered Newton’s equations of motion, …

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Mentoring refers to the relationship by which one person is helped up by a more competent person. That’s my definition! Novel! Odysseus left his son Telemachus in the care of Mentor in Greek Mythology, in simple terms, to make a man of the lad! Many times we struggle to make of ourselves …

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The waters

The Waters. Growing up, there was a tall, bent, old Norwegian preacher I used to watch on TV: Aril Edvardsen. Once he stood by the River Jordan and shared about the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The river Jordan flows into the Sea of Galilee, and then continues …

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