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Church: My new lessons!

once upon my grandfather's church with a sunday chime!

Once upon a trip to the UK, I finally saw a few “cathedral” buildings in London that have been converted to other purposes. Whoa! “So it is true!!!” As I kept moving around the country, I heard more stories about churches being converted to homes, offices, pubs etc. I heard of …

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Burning the Bridge

Not the strategic bridges in our cities; Not the vital links to our so called ruralities. But the bridges that link us to those same places we know we shouldn’t return to. The best story of a man who burnt his bridge  that I have heard of recent was of a …

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Find Your Platform

Find your Platform I went to visit a friend sometime ago, named Tayo. “Tayo, how is life?” We exchanged pleasantries and started to discuss. Another friend of his came in and addressed him as “pastor Tayo”. So I said jokingly, “Am I a serious person? Can you imagine me calling …

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How God Manages Change

How God Manages Change In Change Management, some 5 strategies for Implementing Change are popular. After learning them in class, I saw them in the Word of God. Then I saw that instead of telling God what the Professor said, we should be able to tell the Professor what God …

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