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What is truth?

What is truth? Listening to Jim Cymballa of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, he discussed a recent job advert in a New York port agency. They needed expert electricians in suntag connectors. They got over one hundred and seventy (170) applicants! Experts in suntag connectors. What’s the big deal about that? It …

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Stay on Course!

A great number of  people have lived great admirable lives. But those who have made great impact are those who have stayed on course. The underlying basis of a good life are not always visible from a distance. Firstly, Susannah Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley, had 19 …

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Hmmm! God again!!

God again! A certain gentleman lived for God in his locale. He spoke to the rebellious youths though fiercely, but they seemed to be able to heed his words alone! He was such a strange man. He had no wife, no children; no visitors, no friends; he was more like …

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God, the Elephant, & the 6 Blindmen

During this past week, in one of our bible study groups, we saw one of Job’s friends describing God! He was right  (at least to most of us), but yet Job did not agree with him. Nice enough we know the end of Job, so we knew Job was also …

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Keeping Hope Alive

Few weeks ago, a close pal called me. He asked after a mutual friend who I really should know more about. I’ll call him KEN. I told him Ken should be in Lagos. He exclaimed, “Ken is dead!” I was dumbfounded; he referred me to Ken’s Facebook page. Ken died 7 months prior! Whoa! …

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Church: My new lessons!

once upon my grandfather's church with a sunday chime!

Once upon a trip to the UK, I finally saw a few “cathedral” buildings in London that have been converted to other purposes. Whoa! “So it is true!!!” As I kept moving around the country, I heard more stories about churches being converted to homes, offices, pubs etc. I heard of …

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Burning the Bridge

Not the strategic bridges in our cities; Not the vital links to our so called ruralities. But the bridges that link us to those same places we know we shouldn’t return to. The best story of a man who burnt his bridge  that I have heard of recent was of a …

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Find Your Platform

Find your Platform I went to visit a friend sometime ago, named Tayo. “Tayo, how is life?” We exchanged pleasantries and started to discuss. Another friend of his came in and addressed him as “pastor Tayo”. So I said jokingly, “Am I a serious person? Can you imagine me calling …

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