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Building Capacity

A friend and I were reminiscing about school days when we used to do well over 50 push-ups a day. Then we grew up! We stopped the good discipline as life got busy. Then as life got busier, the need for exercising got more attention. So we thought to go …

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Do you like Insurance?

Growing up, as the economy got bad, insurance companies avoided paying claims for every reason possible. Gradually, we moved from comprehensive vehicle cover to third-party cover. Comprehensive takes care of everything while third-party takes care of only the affected party’s damages. Third-party is much cheaper than comprehensive but it equally …

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Friends & Finance

There is the African Proverb which says “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” Going fast, there are things we can achieve. But going fast does not mean going far.

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Giving Money Away

Such a nice title; everyone loves “giveaways!” There are several perspectives on giving. There are religious perspectives such as zakat and tithing. There are social perspectives talking about Corporate Social Responsibility and charities. Some people blend these options, others prefer to stand aloof. Your money is your money, and no …

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Physical Health & Finance

Health & Finance? What do they have in common? Is one an indicator of the other? The sum total is that it takes a good body to build and carry wealth. Nelson Mandela was not popular as one of the richest men in the world. As a man, most of …

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Personal Budgets: A Different View

Many people find budgeting cumbersome and burdensome, and they don’t see its point. Yet, most personal finance books open with “do a budget.” How come some people find it so easy and effective? I believe that how we view it could make it easy or hard. First, it is your …

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