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Let there be light

the breakage of education in Nigeria and Africa is the basis for our power outage. If that's true, then education will be the foundation of our improved power supply.

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CAREER DEVELOPMENT I developed this blog post from a recent presentation of mine.  First, what is a career? According to Google, a career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. In this definition, we see the importance of a career …

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As an African “youth,” the experiences of our countries are completely inconsistent with the capacities which the people doubtlessly possess. While Africans have been portrayed as unenlightened, no one has been able to  replicate several African feats for example, the Terracotta arts. Africans have great capacity. This capacity is however …

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The Opposite of ‘Right’

I once heard a guy pass a mischievous expression about his boss: “My boss is always right; he can never be wrong. Even when he is not right, he could only be left.” There, he presented two opposites of ‘right’. There is however a third. It is supposed to be a feature …

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In search of God

As my girl friend mentioned the book of the Mormon, I remembered an old friend! We had just finished from Secondary school. We got talking about God and us. We were just about 17 years of age. He told me, “Guy, in my few years on earth I’ve tried about …

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Could it bring growth?

A friend’s facebook post  triggered my thoughts.   She said,” sometimes I wonder why Elijah’s brook had to dry up in the course of a famine when it was God that ordered him to go to the brook”   She concluded, “the brook had to dry up so his status …

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Untitled Leadership

Untitled Leadership   Leadership has many perks and benefits especially when it has the authority of a Position/Office.   For an untitled Leader, the call is usually divine, the passion lasting, and the challenges are unique. ..and enormous!   1) untitled Leadership is self-sponsored. In Lagos Nigeria, there is a …

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The Home

THE HOME ‘Lanre Fatokun   Cohesion is defined as the sticking together of the particles of the same substance while adhesion refers to the act or state of being united with a surface or an object.   Hence, the bond holding the “pieces”, or components (persons), of a home together …

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The Burden of Self-righteousness

God, imagine!

The Burden of self-righteousness (I am better than He)   It is said that everyone in Africa needs God at one time or another. Either to uphold a poorly maintained aircraft or to hold the car tyres together while  a poorly trained driver is speeding over series of pot-holes on …

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