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The best time to plant a tree

One of the benefits of travel is that history tends to come alive. Of course, that’s only for those who have read that history in the first place. You read a book then visit the town it was set in; you appreciate both the book and the town. You almost …

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Atrophy is kind of a big word. What does it mean? …Gradually decline in effectiveness or vigour due to underuse or neglect. I saw a gentleman with a limb in recuperation. The limb is slimmer than the other but happily getting stronger. It reminded me of the word Atrophy. Have …

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One thing most of us find difficult to do is to wait. We jump queues, we push others aside, we throw tantrums, etc, all because we do not like to wait. Interestingly, we are quick to accuse others of unwillingness to wait. Once I got a ride from a senior …

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Happy new year! Standard, most of us [attempt to] develop new habits in January. A man hence subscribed at the Gym as a keep-fit plan for the new year. After about two visits, he got busy. Sometime in February, he showed up again. He asked the manager, “What do you …

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