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2012 – Year of Glory

This message was presented by Rev Sola Kolade on the 31st December 2011.
Isaiah 60; Year of Glory!.
Rev Sola Kolade.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – how far wt glory?
1) Glory means honor, praise:
Gen 31:21. Laban’s sons said Jacob got glory from their father => Wealth, social status
2) Impressive appearance.
Exodus 28:2. The garments for the priests / high priest. Impressive life! Glory for shame. Beauty for ashes, visibly:
People will ask: how u take do am!?
3) Impactful radiance, just like the sun!
Manifested presence of God, as Moses saw…
Arise, shine for this glory of God is risen upon you! Despite worldwide darkness.
Greater experience of the supernatural.
“You shall not see wind or rain yet the valley shall be filled with water!”
Our glory shall not be by struggles!
How shall this glory be?
1) by knowledge.
Colossians says Chrits in you, the hope of Glory. You need to know Him.
2 peter 3:18= grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Hab 2:14: knowledge of the Gloryt of God shall be seen in my life…
2) by your faith.
Your faith has made you whole.
Jesus’ power is always there. It is the faith that is required.
Faith, belief, brought Lazarus back from the dead.
For they believed, they saw the glory of God.
3) by prayers.
Faith doesn’t cancel prayer life. Matt 17- transfiguration. They went up the mountain to pray, not for the purpose of being transfigured.
In the course of prayer they were transfigured.
Because of the glory, we will see what we were not seeing, hear what we were not hearing, and achieve what we were not achieving.
United prayer is also important, as seen in the book of Acts.
Prayer cancels the devil’s plan and establishes God’s.
4) by obedience; to the details of God’s pattern for my life, family, ministry,…
In Exodus 40, after moses built according to patttern, the glory of God filled the tabernacle.
My life is a house; my family, ministry, career, biz, …
I am the temple of the Holy Spirit.
To get the pattern, spend time wt God, like Moses did!
You will enjoy the glory of God aka the supernatural.
Expect the supernatural in all your affairs of 2012.

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