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A delicate balance

There’s been a great concern about global warming and its attendant effects: melting of polar ice, sea level rise, loss of islands and coastal lands, climate change, etc.
Research has shown that nature was designed to take care of itself. The earth is not only to be the source of all materials, it is also supposed to be the sink of all wastes. However, there’s a limit to both capacities: source and sink. Now we are aware that mankind is running out of Gold, the oceans are being overfished, loss of herds of wildlife is leading to desertification, etc.
Western nations are working to open up legacy dams. Why? Dams prevent the mobility of aquatic life, and this prevents the reproduction of specific species. This leads to extinction and loss of biodiversity. What would be the fate of those at the top of the food chain if those at the bottom are no more.
The very interesting bit is that the earth has a mechanism for reducing global temperatures: volcanic ash.
Among other products of volcanoes, the ash circulates around the globe and decreases the amount of sunlight that hits the surface of the earth. Since the Sun is our greatest source of heat, global mean temperatures fall.
This phenomenon is not restricted to the times of the ancients. Such temperature drops have been recorded in contemporary times after volcanic activity.
The global warming effect was designed to ensure that the earth remains habitable by conserving heat in the atmosphere. It only became a concern as a result of carefree anthropodal (human) activity.
I think we are better off in the hands of God who designed the universe with a delicate balance than if we are left to the fate of a big bang.

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  1. Man keeps trying to equal or even outdo God but the results always show at the end that indeed, God cannot be equalled, He is over and above all. May He be glorified. Ride on.

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