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A Dream For The Year

I sat with a friend last year talking about dreams and aspirations. The only issue was that he did not know they were dreams. He thought they were plans!

I told him how I desire to own a home in the city where I live. Then a few sentences later, I told him how I desire to own a small apartment in a major city that I frequent. Then we got talking about how good it would be to begin work on our retirement accommodation.

At one point, he had to ask me if I have any idea how much these “little” homes cost.

I had a good laugh. I told him that dreams don’t cost anything; dreaming is free! But somehow, they have a way of coming to pass if we wake up to pursue them.

It’s a new year! What are your dreams? A step higher? A step further?

Even if you “have everything you need,” maybe this could be the year you’ll start paying the school fees of the children of indigent neighbours! A friend and his wife observed that a neighbour woman was getting leaner by the day. The husband was no longer seen around, and the lady’s supermarket was empty of goods for sale. So they put some money together and gave it to her. Then she opened up! She was ill, her husband had fled, she was really in a bad shape and her children were with her.

Look around you; there is more to do, and more from where that came from!


Image by Dorothe from Pixabay 

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