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A Plan for Rest

Planning comes very easily to some people. For some, planning sounds like a synonym for headache. But it shows in the output that a plan was made (or otherwise) before an activity was undertaken.

Did you plan to go to school? Maybe it was your parents who did. But there must have been a plan somewhere.
Did you plan to own a car? Did you plan to get your own apartment? Or maybe they are still in the planning stage.

In the same way, plan to rest this year.

Wake up in the morning, and look forward to a good, productive day. Then at the end of the day, see yourself chilling, sipping tea (or even water), doing absolutely nothing.
Then go to bed and enjoy a deserved sleep.

The human machine is designed to rest as God did after making the machine. Overdrawing on the body could lead to breakdown now or later.

Moreso, you are at your best after your rest.

This year, build rest into your schedule.


Image by Nala from Pixabay 

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