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An ovation?

An ovation?
Sad news that Myles Munroe died, now, and in a plane crash. He lived a life of impact and he succeeded at moving from “very poor” to “very rich” in the same community.
About his death, I pressed my “black” button and began to wonder:

  • Did he commit any last minute sin that made God “forsake” him to “fate” at that last moment?
  • Maybe he did not have time to pray that morning.
  • Didn’t he recite Psalm 91 every morning?
  • Could it be that his stepmum is still alive and she bewitched his jet?
  • Or another thriving pastor in the Bahamas was jealous and so bewitched him?

Then I “unblacked” and saw another perspective. Would Myles Munroe actually fly a private jet poorly maintained? Doubtful!
A few weeks ago, I explained to a friend why “I will never exceed a particular “self-imposed” speed limit: after working in a tyre manufacturing company, I trust every single thing on a car (within my engineering limits) except the four tyres. I have seen car tyres x-rayed, and I know how quickly the mistake of one disgruntled factory worker could kill many people at a time.
Are planes fail-safe?
I flipped another button again and I saw a different perspective

  1. Myles Munroe was never death-shy! He kept emphasising the need to contemplate our mortality: remember that you will die!
  2. Preaching on one occasion, he said he had attended his own funeral (in his mind) and that he was permitting no one to sorrow at his funeral. He said that if anyone shed a tear at his funeral, he would wake up, slap the person and then die again—we sure had a good laugh!
  3. He also said that he had attended his wife’s funeral in his mind, since he did not know which would be first. Incidentally, both coincided.

I will always remember Myles Munroe for his novel response to journalists on homosexuality. You have not heard it because journalists did not report it. He was asked for his position on homosexuality. He answered that as an Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, he had no position; “but I can tell you the position of the kingdom I represent. The bible says, ‘…’” At that point he said that the journalists usually thinned out.
So how does heaven welcome successful Ambassadors?
Congrats Senior!
See you one day in heaven!

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  1. Thank you Lanre for the tribute.
    Isa 57:1 God’s faithful people are dragged off and killed, and no one even cares. Evil sweeps them away,
    Isa 57:2 but in death they find peace for obeying God.
    Let us find rest in these words.

  2. Well said, Dr Myles touched so many lives for Christ. He preached purpose not only from the pulpil but with his very life.

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