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Artful Dodging

One day while on a flight, I observed how the pilots were avoiding clouds on the ascent and in the course of the flight. It is clouds that cause all the scary noises and difference in acceleration that we experience while in the air.

They would turn off, they would go higher, etc, just to avoid flying through the mountainous clouds.


Then on the descent, there were clouds again! They started out artfully dodging the clouds, sometimes going up, sometimes turning around them. But it still had to be a descent; we couldn’t remain in the air forever. At some point, we couldn’t avoid the cloudy bumps any more. We had to pass through them if we were going to land at the intended airport.

It occurred to me that generally in life, we avoid bumps. We evade trouble and stress as much as we can. But if we are to get to the set destination, there are some that we will have to go through and successfully come out on the other side of them no matter how much they shake our aircraft. If they decrease our speed, we must accelerate. If they drop our altitude faster than we intend, then we must respond by rising a bit higher.

Even if we are scared, we must keep going through these clouds if we are to get to that destination.


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  1. Thanks again for the reminder. Man is born for troubles and isn’t life just full of it…but thanks be to God for the grace to go through troubles and more importantly for His presence in/through them.

  2.! Thank you for this piece.

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