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Atrophy is kind of a big word.
What does it mean?
…Gradually decline in effectiveness or vigour due to underuse or neglect.
I saw a gentleman with a limb in recuperation. The limb is slimmer than the other but happily getting stronger. It reminded me of the word Atrophy.
Have you heard of able bodied men who fake lameness and sit in wheel chairs to beg? If the legs are fat and firm they’re likely fake. Legs that have not been in use are slim and almost only bones.
Anything we have which we do not use atrophies: the less it does, the less it can do.
Once I worked in a four storey building. My job required me to go up and down the stairs several times a day. It was quite easy to do. But once I went on leave and returned, it would be so difficult to go up the stairs.
Anytime I’m off writing for a long time, it becomes difficult to write. Even those who stay off food for a long time do not go back to the norm in a hurry.
If you have any strong capacity that you like, you need to do more of it. If you have any capacity you want to improve on, you need to do more of it.
Anything disused or underused atrophies.

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  1. It’s just obeying the law of use and disuse, it is a law of nature. So all readers should take a cue from Lanre’s personal experience. Any thing not used is bound to atrophy and die.

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