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Some time ago, a friend shared with us about his daughter’s conversation with her mum. She told the mum that her after-school teacher should be fired. Why?? He teaches to molecular depth whereas daddy teaches to atomic depth. For a ten-year-old, that is phenomenal.
I have observed that for a twenty-something-year-old-lady whose dad is an engineer but does not like mathematics, without fail, her dad travelled a lot while she was growing up.
There is a friend who was phenomenal with mathematics when we were in the same class decades ago. While we were awake, alert and struggling to get the correct answers to maths problems, he would be asleep in class. Then when the teacher could get no one else to answer his question correctly, he would wake Tee up, and Tee would answer the question correctly.
Decades later in a class reunion, Tee shares the secret. His mum used to be a teacher. During the holidays, she would teach him the work for the whole of the next term. Then she would make him answer all the questions in the textbook; ALL! It was the same system for him right through primary and secondary school.
Bad of him to just be revealing a good secret after about 25 years. 
However, I think that there’s a level of academic achievement that a teacher may not be able to stir up but which could be very easily done by a parent.
So be there to plant the seeds for the tomorrow you want to see.

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  1. Always, so good to read your write up.
    Truly we need to plant today what we want to see tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing

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