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Bimetallic Strip Growth

A bimetallic strip is a contraption of 2 dissimilar metals, say aluminium and brass. Imagine having two rulers, one aluminium, one brass. Glue the two together along their lenghts and you have a bimetallic strip.

What is the essence? It is used to measure temperature and get an electrical system (or any other system) to respond to that temperature. An example is a thermostat which we find in refridgerators, air-cons, radiators, etc.

When the two “rulers” we glued together are in a hot environment, they will begin to expand and grow longer. Being of different metals, their rates of growth will be different. Hence instead of growing straight on, the contraption begins to bend! This way it can put off or put on a switch by making or breaking contact.

Now. Imagine a Head of Department as one metal and his team as another metal. They experience the same temperatures most of the time. If there has been no blending between the leadership and the followership over time, their rate of expansion is bound to be different.

The interesting thing is that the metal which is responding better will not grow taller than the slower metal. Instead, the contraption will bend!

Apply it to a home. The father is growing, but the rest of the family are not. The father cannot attain the right heights because his family will draw him back. We can apply it to a battalion, a church, a sports team, etc.

We need to make sure our team members learn of us and we of them so that we can respond in similar ways to our circumstances

This year, set out to carry your team along so that your progress will not be hindered.

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