Bush Baby!!

Years ago when we were in boarding house, there were many stories about bushbabies.
Those of us who were more inclined to research all things found the word in the dictionary. But it refers to the animal also known as galago!
“This animal is not enough to scare us in our hundreds!”
But we were still scared!
We were told the bush-baby is a boy-spirit that weeps and goes about with a rolled-up mat with which he could beat anyone to death! There was also the myth that if you could snatch the mat from him and sleep on it, you would become wealthy!
There were days when the idea of the bushbaby would hold the couple thousand students in my boarding school to ransom.
On one such days, the night prep was scattered, and everyone had fled to their beds in fear, the air thick with tension.
In dormitory D, Blue House, like everywhere else, everyone was fearfully asleep.
A boy had his mattress on the floor, while his friend was asleep on the lower bunk just a little above him.
In the middle of the night the boy on the lower bunk rolled off and fell on the one on the floor.
In the dark, they both woke up with a start, and simultaneously shouted
And they fled in opposite directions!
The whole dormitory woke up and hit the ground running, in all directions!
The boy on the floor thought the bushbaby fell on him. The boy on the bed thought he fell on the bushbaby.
And the whole blue and yellow house hostels were emptied in record time!
Over a period of 14 years that I have readily accessible history of my secondary “school on the hill”, no student ever actually saw a bushbaby, yet everyone fled from bushbabies at one time or the other.
Paints the picture of the African Debilitation.
What are we fleeing from?
What exactly is chasing us?
Why wont we think?
A Nigerian Professor became the Vice Chancellor of the University of Illinois about 2 weeks ago. We did not know when he was being considered / screened!
IF you recall when Rivers State University needed a new VC a few weeks ago, It was a high-level political tussle; Arguments and challenges via the electronic and print media!
Are there no set criteria and evaluation boards?
Why do we see good things (technology) and do not domesticate them (take them home) in our countries?
Even if only when we watch movies we conceive dreams of good communities and good quality lives, should we not have moved a few feet forward?
When we see surveillance cameras on TV, they are hidden as much as reasonably practicable, and raised as far above reach as possible.
In Abuja, the CCTV project was in the news and much heralded by corruption.
Each camera is at a conspicuous location, with 2 flags within reach, called solar panels. (as seen below, with two guys hiding from the sun under the solar panels) Yet there is no power supply in our homes. Shouldn’t we expect guys to be tempted to “domesticate” the solar panels in their own homes?
For how many days do we plan these CCTV systems to subsist?
But if we had just remembered to think, 10 hefty guys would have waited to challenge the bushbaby and rid the school of fear!
What can we do about national “processes” that are not sufficiently thought through?
How can we remove the bush-baby from our processes and projects?
How do we encourage our academia to put in place the good and humane processes they enjoy when they travel abroad?
How do we encourage our new breed politicians to follow through with their lofty ideas for which they were endeared to the electorate?
Of course, there are no bush-babies anywhere! Just a want for courageous (wo)men!
Maybe you could be that one!

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  1. Thanks so much Lanre for your weekly blogs they have been inspiring, thought-provoking and this one fun as well. The problemin this country is inability to give credits to those who deserve them. I heard the best gyneacologist in South Africa (a Nigerian) was asked to come and head a hospital in Nigeria as u know we have high rate of maternity mortality. He came in and politics in the hospital as some Professors thot a foreigner couldn’t just come and occupy a position they have been on the queue for. U wonder which is more important reducin maternity death rate or using Government allocation for personal gains. In the US like u said its the opposite and in most cases, ur work speaks for u for credit is usually given to who dat deserves it.
    We are always running from sumthing the Government/people/culture has one way or the other created just to put us in fear and take our focus away from the bad things goin on rite infront of us. I’m sure while the boys in the hostel were all running someone was probably taking their time raiding provision lockers. Such a sad thing.

  2. babatunde ogunseinde

    Hahahahaha “Bush Baby” caught my attention for I was part of the experience. Well done write up Lanre. We major on the minor and pay little attention and give little or no details to the major things in naija. Hey!!! What else have we got apart from hope? How long is “hope” gonna sustain us for?

  3. Bush Baby! Nice one Bro!! I used to dream how one day I would snatch the mat from the crying bush baby and become wealthy for life. Now I am grown and have learnt that HARDWORK is the key. Aint no bush baby no where. I’ve conquered my fear and treading the path of honour- HARDWORK & GRACE AVENUE!

  4. Akor Mathias Odaikwu

    Many thanks brother Lanre. The bush baby syndrome is deep and far reaching issue that must be extinct else we will continue in a cycle. That’s is the root of brotherhood in our politics, institutionalization of corruption in our government and above all the character of not questioning authority no matter how wrong it will be. All these created individuality-me, myself and I alone society and tribalism in all angles. Conformity must be triggered with certain unknown and the best place to culture people is in the schools like most of us experienced. It’s all antics of the devil towards end time goals. Remember the movie – They Live?

  5. Lolz. Remi,so funny…yeah I remembered well and can’t forget dat prep nite nor d dormitory scene…so so funny..just laughed…hmmm thought provoking as usual. I guess we just need to wake up to reality and mostly individually starting provoking a change in our mindset and start thinking how do we make changes 2our faulty systems. Thanks a bunch.

  6. It is the same story of Black Man’s Dilemma. What happened to our foremost leaders is now happening to our academia of today.
    Those of us who believe that Nigeria can still become the true Giant of Afrca should continue to pray for its good. May the better days come soon

  7. Ah ah ah….Lanre i wonder why all these write ups is not goin on Tribune,Sun,Vanguard,Thisday and the likes..?anyway bravo brov. To all the fellow THINK TANKS who have made wonderful comments, especially d fella who talked about HOPE,u see its just a question of time b4 all ds corrupt folks will begin to eliminate themselves…just like it was said in d scriptures” everyone helped to destroy his neighbour”…i believe as soon as we have a new mindset or way of thinking globally as suggested by someone last week,it will practically become impossible for anyone who has got nothing positive to contribute to fit in to the New Nigeria that some of us are presently seeing, lets just continue to build ourselves, work more on our individual values,endeavour to be compliant when required and soon, there will be a Revolution leading to Evolution of a Brand new generation who will re-write the constitution of our fatherland.

  8. I laughed silly at the bush baby story, how hiliarious and comical the stories passed from generation to generation of boarding students are.
    When looked at in the content of the larger picture of Nigeria it is worrisome. We need to think beyond ourselves, beyond our myopic sights and act accordingly

  9. Hehehe….I laughed so much reading this. I am writing a story about bush babies and that’s what brought me here.
    True words

  10. My best write-up from you,so far! 🙂

  11. This is an amazing piece!
    I’ll share it so everyone can see maybe it will provoke some thoughts and change our mind-set/attitude.
    Thank you.

  12. bush baby exist .i have been reading about it and heard stories but today i experienced it,right now is crying by my window in my hostel and i and my room mate are scared #uniportDeltaParkKingJAJAHALLc, hope is not carnivorous

  13. I even thought d baby bush was a spiritual being not knowing its an animal.

  14. This really makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing Lanre

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