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Lessons from Stress

Would you rather we title this “good lessons from something bad?” When I finally started real work and stress began to make meaning, I read up a little about stress. The most impressive lesson I learnt was that reaction called stress sets in the moment we think “I can’t cope!” …

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Plan to Increase Your Earning Capacity

In the book Beat The Bank by Larry Bates, he says, “If you are standing still, you are actually moving backwards at the rate of inflation, compounded over time.” Under your supposed watch, the prices of food, housing, transport, childcare, entertainment, clothing, vacation, communication, etc are surging forward. In little …

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Empower Your Family Members

Work is honourable!The capacity to work is something we should be grateful for.To sit down and do nothing when you have the capacity to do it may be akin to a sin.When Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, Professors were brought to teach her topics that were considered necessary for …

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Plan for Family

African family together

Have you ever seen a beautiful family? The kind that makes your spouse or children call you to ask, “why do we not ….?” And then you think, “Where is s/he? Who are they with?“Good results don’t happen by chance. If you move into a new plot, you will have …

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Plan to Contribute

Do something!

Yes, plan to contribute, not just to the finances of your immediate community. Join in the effort to make the whole world better!I read an article about seeking to do more than consume material from the internet. That was about 12 years ago, and that is why you are reading …

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Typically we use the word downsizing for companies laying off staff members for leaner and cheaper operations. After a while, the title morphed to right-sizing with the idea that staff strength gets bloated over time. Then the companies have to return to the right size.As it is with companies, so …

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Roles in Charity

Charity can be defined as “the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need” (Google). I doubt if there’s any city in the world where there’s no one in need. Some people even choose to live on the streets when homes have been provided.From …

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My 2 Laws of Leadership

During my BSc studies, I was appointed to lead an embattled music group. Weeks after taking up the position, the group couldn’t function. We were just about 3 people left in the group. I play the keyboard, and I could give the drum sounds from the keyboard. I could sing …

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The winds are blowing unabated. Changes everywhere. COVID-19 is still ongoing, upturns and downturns politically, everywhere. There are predictions that the financial markets are about to turn full circle. The only thing about left is the anger of nature, and we pray not. However, the threats are much, and the …

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