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My best Muhammad Ali Quotes

I think most people knew only of Muhammad Ali’s shows, not his real life.   Some of his statements that made great impression on me are these: When I look at the world, I see that many people building big beautiful houses but live in broken homes. WE spend more …

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Architects of History

Once someone referred to a much older man. He said, “He’s so old that in his school days, history was called current affairs!” Well. We often think that history was made by great men! I think that no one is born great but in time, each proves his/her worth. Architects …

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When God wanted to bless Father Abraham, He told him to look up at the stars to catch a glimpse of what his progeny would look like. If we look at the stars tonight, we will not only be impressed by the quantity (innumerable), but also by the quality (various …

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Learning is one fun thing, depending on the context! One person says there is nothing good about school, yet goes on to learn to fish, to swim, to hunt, to drive. He learns to sell, and to keep records of sales. What if accounting was brought down to everyday language, maybe …

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Howard Hendricks (1924-2013)

You probably have never heard that name before! He was conservative, and probably his title made him unpopular to the Charismatics; but the Professor-Emeritus of Dallas Theological Seminary lived his life genuinely for God. For about four years I have been trawling the internet for his messages. I even ordered …

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