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Caterpillar, Stop!!

Change! Change!! Change!!!
There was a little caterpillar crawling on the leaves in spring. Ted saw it and just enjoyed looking at it and attempting to count its many legs. Who wouldn’t!? Afterall, if two legs are bad and four legs are good, the more the better!
The caterpillar was colourful, with streaks of yellow. It seemed to love the sun; the sun! One day Ted came into the garden and spotted his caterpillar hanging underneath a leaf. It remained in the same position all day. Ted thought it was dead but dad said:”Be patient!” Caterpillar dint get better. It began to shrink and develop an envelope around it. “Caterpillar, stop! Don’t do that to yourself!” Still dad said: “Be patient!” It sure was dead! Dad dint get!
Day after day, Ted watched as caterpillar’s casing hardened and turned brownish! He stopped checking. He gave up on it; but he couldn’t touch it against dad’s word!
One day, he came into the garden and saw a brightness on Caterpillar’s casing. Something was emerging. It was orange, it was bright! Ted shouted to dad: “Daddy see!!!” Dad said again: “Be patient!”
The brightness became bigger and bigger but never really broke out till the next morning when Ted saw an empty casing but identified the brightness as a butterfly on the sunflower!
Change! Scary; depth of uncertainty; wealth of potential!

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  1. Indeed, the closest parallel I can recall is ‘those waif for the lord (to help them) shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like the eagle’s……. Is 40: 31. there is no gain-saying it, it pays to be patient, if only we can.

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