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I remember in 1999 when CD drives became popular at my University. Coming from a diskette perspective, I found it hard to believe that I couldn’t save to a CD. Within only 1 year, CD writers arrived!

I took a long haul flight in 1998. There were no video screens! All we had was music. Today, one can grade airlines by the resolution of their video display units.

I remember when we had only 2 TV channels to choose from. Today, I lose focus while scrolling through hundreds of channels and sometimes forget I was supposed to be watching a programme, not a list of channels.

Cars are now more like homes with video players, personalized air conditioning, and even refrigerators.

Everything around us is changing so very fast at dizzying speeds. In fact, one way to determine the age range of a person is to check what apps the person knows about on one hand, and what apps the person is comfortable with on the other hand.

One unfortunate result of these changes is that where we’ve been comfortable and impactful, the carpet could suddenly be removed from underneath one’s feet.

What should be our response then? We need to continually seek ways to change (or rather, improve).

The old me or you won’t do.

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