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Change now means different things to different people especially with the ongoing wrenching of political power from established oligarchies as seen in Nigeria, the USA and Gambia.
But while these obvious changes are going on, several other life changing changes are happening which most people do not realise till they have been impacted.
1. Uber vs taxi/car ownership.
In this wise, Uber might as well be a generic name because several such services are now operational.
But suddenly, you don’t have to stand by the road or call the taxi company when you need a cab–and it’s often cheaper. There have been protests in Canada, in India, etc. In some countries like Nigeria, some governments departments are clamping down on Uber drivers.
Well, change as some. Several people are happy for the easy and comfortable cabs, but meant family heads cannot win as much bread as they used to.
I wonder what impact this is having on car dealerships too. I reckon that those who use their cars only in weekends might as well outsource that department.
2. Hotel vs Airbnb
As it has happened to taxis, so it is happening to hotels. Airbnb brings people with free rooms/houses together with those who need such without the elaborateness of hoteliers.
Cheaper, homelier, probably leading to a great change in how hotels are run.
3. Omron/Medics vs Health apps
I had heard about mobile phones that could measure heart rates. But to think that just installing an app on my regular android could measure not just heart rate, but also blood pressure and even spirometrics (lung function).
After I saw this, I looked at my friends big blood pressure manometer and pitied the manufacturer (Omron)–they are in trouble! Then it occurred to me that a BSc in Medical Laboratory may soon be an obsolete course of study, for obvious reasons!
4. iTunes vs Spotify
I am not really an Apple fan. But the concept of iTunes is commendable. I get a lot of free media files that I love. However, iTunes is not really compatible with Androids. Anyway, one day, a few young guys in Sweden developed an app called Spotify. With Spotify, you don’t need to buy and several media files. Just pay a subscription and listen to the media online! I bet Apple was shocked to find themselves expiring so quickly.
But they were quick to respond with Apple Music app, and Google Play Music was quickly tweaked to respond to it.
5. High Street Bookshops vs Amazon
First, the idea was to reduce the time it takes to get books. Just order from home and you get the books! Fine idea. Then I observed that people were selling off their books at giveaway prices. I quickly bought a few. Then I wondered why they were selling–Amazon Kindle reading app!! With it, one could travel with a whole library and even read your books online from location to location!
So who’s impacted? Bookshops, Publishers, Printers, etc!
6. Whatsapp vs Facetime/Duo/BBM
Whatsapp recently launched video calling; and I remembered where there were no DPs! Whatsapp probably contributed to the decline of Blackberry phones! With Whatsapp, Apple’s Facetime and Google’s yet-to-be-popular Duo are probably going to become unnecessary.
What would Apple, Google, RIM, and transport magnates think about Whatsapp? I wonder!
Every change comes with great change (so to speak): loss of jobs, loss of investment…summarily wealth transfer!
Look around and wonder what could be subject to unprecedented change next … and maybe what change could be initiated by you!
But for a start HUDIBIA is about to change the face of medical consultation!

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