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Charity, Health and Me

Charity, Health and Me!
‘Lanre Fatokun
I saw a woman begging for alms a fewdays ago.
Her story:
Son had an accident on the way to school;
Mother couldn’t afford the treatment.
Hospital says Mother take your son home.
Difficult to believe right?
Right! Unfortunately, there are worse situations that are undoubtedly true!
In 2008, a relative was hospitalized at The General Hospital, Gbagada Lagos.
One day I went to the Pharmacy to pick some drugs for her.
A cashier threw some money back at someone in my presence. His money was about NGN 200 short.
I was amazed at the unflinching lack of feelingg and rudeness of the cashier; and astounded that someone could actually lack NGN200 for such essentials as drugs! I gave him NGN500 to get the drugs.
Was that the worst? No!
About 2 days later, I was back at the Pharmacy. A woman left the cashier and went to sit down. She exclaimed, “how I wish someone could give NGN50 to complete this money!”
I went to her and asked what she said!
She repeated it. I quickly gave her NGN500 again!
Another day I was at the same Pharmacy, I met another young guy whose money was not complete. Another NGN500!
He was so grateful he asked for my phone number but I declined!
The great thing is that with as little as NGN500, NGN200, NGN50!
But often, we close our eyes and ears to our environment!
– Your gateman’s children do not go to school, and that would cost very little.
– A neighbour lost his job; some food stuff would make a difference!
Not necessarily for a reward, but for the fulfilment that comes from usefulness!

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  1. This piece reminded me of what happened to me along oshodi road: my wallet was stolen (pick pocket) and was left without a kobo. I stood there for close to an hour cause my destination was still far and had to go back to Alaba where am staying with my relation. To cut short the story I had to ask for help, not money, just phone to call someone to come pick me up. It was then I knew how hostile we arr
    To ourselves especially those that need help.

  2. Hmmm! Food for thought. May God give us a benevolent and compassionate heart.

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