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Clutch at the Straw!

So we’ve been through 2020, and we came out alive!
Many are distraught and discouraged, asking, “If long-standing kingdoms could fall so easily before a virus, who then can stand?”

There’s wisdom in the English saying that a drowning man will clutch at straw (or a twig) in the water. Swimming pool guards/lifesavers are trained never to attempt to rescue someone struggling in the water because his hold on the rescuer could be the real stranglehold.

Where we stand in our world today, we are better off not losing hope! Or maybe it’s more apt to say that we are better off picking up hope again!

If our world will give hurriedly developed vaccines a chance, why not prayer? Maybe prayer only works for 10 people out of 10,000 (I don’t know), but the COVID-19 numbers have increased since vaccination started.

National used to declare national days of prayer and fasting for everyone.

Our drowning world has more than straw in the water; here are whole rafts in calling on God!

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