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What role does the conscience play in one’s life?
It is said that feelings are the voice of the body, thoughts are the voice of the mind, while the conscience is the voice of the spirit. (Man is made up of these three components: the body, the mind or soul and the spirit.)
If you have seen the cartoon Pinocchio, the puppet became a real boy; but to be complete, he had to be given a conscience to guide him on what to do / what not to do.
In a similar way, each of us is given a conscience to guide us. We are not to be primarily guided by “what others think or will say.
In the Christians’ Bible, there is an interesting character named Paul. He was charged to court, and he opened his statement by saying that his conscience was free!
 Paul surveyed the members of the council with a steady gaze, and then said his piece: “Friends, I’ve lived with a clear conscience before God all my life, up to this very moment.” That set the Chief Priest Ananias off. He ordered his aides to slap Paul in the face.
Immediately, someone slapped him. Why?
If your conscience says you are a great or liberated person, there is nothing anyone else can do to put you down!
However, we have a responsibility in taking care of the conscience. When the conscience is continually repressed, it goes quiet… sort of scorched. So how do we manage it?
Every one of us gets a nudge from the conscience when we are thinking of, or doing something we should not. Often, we turn away from the nudge and do what we want…until one day, we don’t get nudges anymore on that particular subject. The nudge is the conscience.
To keep the conscience alive and even make it stronger, we need to use our own voices to say what the conscience is telling us:
I should not take office supplies home.
I am not to cheat in examinations.
I am not allowed to take a bribe.
Lending your voice to support your conscience brings the message of the conscience to your mind. And in my little experience, when it gets to the mind, I rarely fail my conscience.
So when your conscience gives you a nudge, say out what your conscience is telling you, then try to cooperate with it.

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