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When God wanted to bless Father Abraham, He told him to look up at the stars to catch a glimpse of what his progeny would look like. If we look at the stars tonight, we will not only be impressed by the quantity (innumerable), but also by the quality (various intensities of glow). Same with mankind; some stars shine brighter than others.
A professor of chemistry told us in 1997 that Albert Einstein died recently…in 1955! We roared with laughter: how could 1955 be recent!? The most impressive picture that I have seen about Einstein was one that showed several planets. On one of the planets was a poster: Albert Einstein lived here. That was planet earth. What an impact Albert Einstein made on earth that would have made him worthy of note on other planets–if they have life!
The Nigerian Federal budget for 2014 is roughly 5 trillion naira. Sharing this equally among 167million people, each person gets about 30,000 naira. Bad enough! If one or two officials steal 3 billion naira in 2014, they have deprived 10,000 Nigerians and called the bluff of their lives. Conversely, if one woman saves the lives of 10,000 Nigerians, she has called the bluff of 3 billion naira. Not only that; she has also put to shame those who live and die for billions.
Such is the impact of the great star, Professor Dora Akunyili, former Drug/Food Law Enforcement Chief in Nigeria who died on the 7th of June 2014.
About a week ago, a public officer who visited her on her death bed rightly expressed that the death of an average politician in Nigeria is celebrated. But that the thoughts of the death of Dora did send cold shivers down the spine of the average Nigerian. If there were a Presidential Cemetry, she should be buried there! History curriculum needs be updated with her story and impact–a true example of patriotism. She saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of hapless Nigerians from the lethal greed of local drug peddlers and their offshore collaborators.
Congrats to the Akunyilis whose mother has left a good name that opens doors.
Kudos to “Mr akunyili,” an epitome of security who allowed his wife to live!
I think the map of the world should show “Dora Akunyili lived here” over Nigeria this month!
Good Woman, Great Star!!

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  1. This tribute is classic!

  2. Wow! I haven’t visited this blog in a very long time but it’s good to know that you still post inspiring pieces. God bless you sir

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