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Could it bring growth?

A friend’s facebook post  triggered my thoughts.  
She said,” sometimes I wonder why Elijah’s brook had to dry up in the course of a famine when it was God that ordered him to go to the brook”  
She concluded, “the brook had to dry up so his status could change from Elijah of Tishbe to Elijah the Man of God.”  
Difficult times make us grow. Elijah grew from living on “God’s reserves” to living on a mircale.  
Nigeria, and most African cuntries, are going through depressing moments. Hopefully, it  will bring change and growth.  
There are 4 stages in the lifecycle of a butterfly:  
1) Egg, an inactive stage
2) Larva (caterpillar), an active stage
3) Pupa, an inactive stage
4) Butterfly, the peak, an active stage.  
The stages of activity are beautiful, and wonderful to contemplate: caterpillar and butterfly.  
There are also those sober / quiet moments when it appears as though nothing is happening / working. Biologists say those are the most important moments.  
Externally, looking at the egg, nothing is happening. Looking at the pupa, nothing is happening. But within them, formation and transformation are taking place.  
I wonder if it is applicable to Nigeria (and Africa). At these moments when, from the outside, not much seems to be happening, but internally structures are being ripped apart by crises.  
Could it bring transformation?
Could it bring change?
Could it bring growth?

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  1. The biggest problem with Nigeria is that our political leaders have not been able to move us to the desired goal of a trully independent, democratic nation. There is too much ‘self’ in governance. Can we imagine how much of the revenue that should have been used to maintain our infrastructures and develope new ones goes into private pockets under one guise or another!
    Nigeria has passed the egg and caterpillar stages, our leaders should make use of our enormous wealth in human and natural resources to move us from our present ‘pupa’ to adult nationhood, our ‘butterfly’ stage. Otherwise, posterity WILL NOT forgive the.
    Lanre, keep writing, you are challenging a good number of potential ‘Joshuas’ who will take this nation to its Canaan.

  2. Agbon Asikegbe Aileon

    The truth is as you have rightly posited, the most outwardly quiet moments are the most important, deying oneself of these trying times will be raping destiny and dfiling the future. we shall surely get there…its just an obidience of times and seasons. shalom

  3. At such time like this,we always think nothing can happen. Just like Elijah thought he was the only prophet who has never bowed to any foreigh God during the reign of Ahab, God told him he has other prophets who has never bowed but call upon his name. Yet the said prophets are hidden from man’s knowledge. So it is i believe with us. This country Nigeria have eaten deep & bad into corruption & it seems all hope is lost & nothing to show their is going to be a change, but i know somewhere,somehow,someplace God is cooking up the change in some people. Just like you said at the egg & pupa stage seems inactive, so it is now…inactive in nature & transformation but i know the time will come if the lord tarries that the change will come. I believe

  4. By God’s grace desired transformation shall come to pass. Amen.

  5. Lanre, I must commend you for your brilliant articles. you have earnrd my respect and i pray that the God that is keeping you, will continually be with you, you will continue to be a useful vessel in HIS hands and just like he did for JOB, there will be RESTORATION. God Bless and keep You. FA

  6. sure, there would be a change.

  7. Hopefully, hopefully it would bring about the change we desire to see in Nigeria and Africa at large… So we would keep praying and working right in our little corners to make our hopefully reality.

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