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Does it depend on how much you earn?

In Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 game, one of the foundation points of the is that in life, anyone can be financially free irrespective of the level of income.

Sounds theoretical?
But it’s real. Growing up, I thought that every family owned their home because almost every family did own their home! Some were teachers, some were tailors, and some were poorly paid civil servants, but there was something for everyone.

There are simple and cute houses, and there are powerful streets where you’d be ashamed to have a simple and cute house. I remember the house a wealthy architect built in 1979 with an arc roof that seemed to start from the ground and end on the ground on the other side.

The problem starts when we try to do beyond our current levels: when we try to “buy what we cannot afford to impress the people we don’t like” who do not even care, as stated by Dave Ramsey.

So what do we do?

Know your capacity, stay within your capacity and then grow your capacity.


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