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Typically we use the word downsizing for companies laying off staff members for leaner and cheaper operations. After a while, the title morphed to right-sizing with the idea that staff strength gets bloated over time. Then the companies have to return to the right size.

As it is with companies, so it is with individuals and families. If you’ve moved house after about 5 years in one place, you’ll ask where all the load came from.

How do I downsize?
1. Make a routine. It could be yearly, when you are on a break from work.

2. Take your rooms or spaces one after the other.

3. Downsize your gadgets

4. Take a look at your apps, alarms, reminders, etc and right-size.

5. Scan/snap jottings and information on pieces of paper. Save them to an electronic drive.

6. Decide what to do with the things you are giving up. Some will be thrown away, some will be given away, and some could be sold.

Make room for fresh air and freshness.
And know that when you make room, somehow, more comes your way.
Then you repeat the cycle.


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