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Oh well, this downsizing is not about companies and jobs but daily life. I read a little book last year titled Downsizing. It discusses the many things with which an average adult is cumbered today: gadgets, cars, shirts, shoes, furniture, books, and even friends. I tried to screen down on the excess luggage in my life and to drive the lesson deep into my mind. I was able to cut down my Facebook time (which supplies often irrelevant and sometimes irreverent news to one’s mind; no doubt there are many useful and edifying updates too). With time, whatsapp too got a tender axe–I could share my control strategies later!
Last week, I browsed a book. The author said he has an addiction: Time Management books. He seems unable to resist them. In fact, he buys so many Time Management books that he doesn’t have time to read them! Maybe some entirely good things also need to be downsized!
Recently, it suddenly became clear to me that I had almost 290 apps on my android! Yes, two hundred and ninety and there were only two games: talking tom for kids and cashflow mobile that helps the mind with cashflow! My mouth dropped open! How come?? When did this happen? So axing started. Apps that did the same thing…choose one! Apps that are not likely to find utility in the next one year…let them go! Apps that are useful but not for everyday purposes…take them off the homescreen and group them in folder; etc. I got down to less than 120 and I keep looking for ways to reduce them while keeping my gadget versatile!
A recent survey found 49% of adults confessing that their phones are a major distraction. One wonders in how many other facets of our lives that vital and necessary things have begun to exhude negative effects. A pastor once mentioned how he has become so blessed with many shirts that deciding what to wear had finally become a Sunday morning nightmare. He missed the days of just about 2 shirts in which if he would not wear this, then it would have to be that!
Maybe an extra piece is not necessary; maybe if one gets a newer one, the old one should be kicked out asap. Maybe we should organize swap events in which you bring what you dont need, I bring what I dont use, we take away what is absolutely necessary and give the rest to those who need but cannot afford. But my experience with 290/120 apps is that now, I spend less time looking for apps I need (increasing my efficiency), and I am better at using the apps that I kept (improving my effectiveness).
We all may need to downsize!

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  1. Downsizing, yes one needs to. But more often than not, it is the courage to get rid of things no longer needed, that one can really do without, that one has not used for years etc and so create space for newer things – books, clothing, even mails! And in doing so, one makes others happy, those who badly need what one is getting rid of!
    Even though I have done this from time to time, by this your sensitizing, I will give it more time and so take advantage of the double benefit of downsizing.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Please share the strategy because am sooooooo interested in getting out of this quagmire of no time for almost everything. How did we get here totally out of control to be imprisoned by things that ought to help our smartness?
    Thanks for that insightful piece pastor Lanre.

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