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Eleven of twelve

By September 2014, I had become shy to review my 2014 annual plan–too many unfulfilled plans. Last week I was discussing with a friend and we saw January 2015 disappear too quickly. We both imagined that another year is going and several plans are slowly slipping to the junk yard of unfulfilled dreams again.
I hit the nail on the head: “Wow! The year is about to end again!”
Friend: Don’t scare me; we still have 11 months!
Me: Well, yes! But time-wise, we cannot score 12/12 again! The best we can make is 11/12 and that is only of we swing into action NOW!
Friend: True!
For every one year plan you made for 2015, if you have not started out on it, time-wise, you can never score 12 over 12 again! However, 11/12 is still better than 10/12 and 9/12.
Why do we abandon projects?
I identified some points (not an exhaustive list)
1. Security
2. Family responsibilities
3. Fear
4. Laziness
5. Loneliness
6. Lack of resources
7. Faulty dreams
8. Challenges/discouragement
How can we rekindle our visions and projects?
1. Write them down!
2. Get an accountability partner or mentor
3. Plan your life / budget your finances
4. Partner to implement the plan
5. From time to time, go back to the place where the dream was conceived.
6. Evaluate your dreams to be sure they are still viable.
7. Count the cost before starting out.
8. Dream of what things would be like when your dream is fulfilled!
If you take just one thing on your list, and I take one thing on my list, and she takes one thing on her list and he takes one thing on his list, the world should take one huge step forward this year.
Let us start as, in the words of an old man I met recently, “it is the start that stops!”
For all creation is gazing eagerly as if with outstretched neck, waiting and longing to see your fruit!

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