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Empower Your Family Members

Work is honourable!
The capacity to work is something we should be grateful for.
To sit down and do nothing when you have the capacity to do it may be akin to a sin.

When Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, Professors were brought to teach her topics that were considered necessary for her status. She was not allowed to “mix” in a University. She reasoned that she was starting out life at a disadvantage just because she was royalty! Why would she be less educated than her citizens??

She hence ensured that her descendants, despite being royals, went to proper schools. She had the opportunity to be on the other side of the university. Then she sent her descendants there. Could she know something?

Every opportunity to empower your family members should be maximized. They should learn all they can learn, both formal and informal. And they should learn to earn.

After all the learning, they should put the knowledge to use with the great advantage of having you take pressure off them. Prepare them for war in times of peace. Even if they don’t have to work, let them work for the sake of keeping busy. They can always give the proceeds to charity. One day this capacity may save your lineage.

“A shepherd should pay close attention to the faces of his flock and hold close to his heart the condition of those he cares for. A man’s strength, power, and riches will one day fade away; not even nations endure forever.”
– King Solomon

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