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Financial Goals

Do you have goals?

Some time ago, I was looking for the definition of success. I was just a couple of years out of the university and the focus was inadvertently more on the trappings of success. In conversations, I would say that success had to be defined by each person.

Then one day, I heard it: Success is simply the achievement of goals! Wow! I had been looking for this for years! You set goals, you succeed. No goals, no success. And then I heard another one: Success is the achievement of goals in succession. What on earth could that mean? Your goals ought to grow with you. If your goals remain the same while you grow, that’s no success. Wow!

Your financial goal could be to drive the flashiest car in town, to move from Old Kent to Park Lane as you find in Monopoly. Or like in The Richest Man in Babylon, “…shekels which I cast with careless freedom to the beggars; there were pieces of silver with which I did buy finery for my wife and whatever I did desire for myself; there were pieces of gold which made me feel assured of the future and unafraid to spend the silver.”

Set financial goals to succeed financially.

No goal, no success.


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