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Find Your Platform

Find your Platform
I went to visit a friend sometime ago, named Tayo. “Tayo, how is life?” We exchanged pleasantries and started to discuss.
Another friend of his came in and addressed him as “pastor Tayo”.
So I said jokingly, “Am I a serious person? Can you imagine me calling ‘Pastor Tayo’ by the untitled name Tayo”! Everyone laughed and it led to another line of discussion.
In the book Life@Work, John Maxwell quoted Billy Graham to have said, “I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.”
So I asked in Tayo’s lounge (about 5 of us were there), “if you are a (wo)man of God could you raise your hand?” No hand was up.
“If you work for God, raise your hand,” and all hands went up! A music person, a drama person, an intercessor, etc.
It appears that everybody can do something if we use our different platforms.
Tony Dungy wrote in his book, The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge, God has given everyone a platform. Some of those are broad and highly visible, but others are small – or at least, they seem that way. A “small” platform is huge when it impacts even one other person who goes on to impact many. God is the author of our platform, and He gives us the privilege of using it to influence others. Sometimes we don’t see the results of our investment in other people’s lives for years to come, if at all. But everyone’s platform is unique, and God has a plan for it!   God is a master of doing big things with small beginnings. And He has put you where you are – and surrounded with people you know- for a reason.  
What can you do?  
What is in your hand?  
Why not start?

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  1. No one need a title to start working. God provides platform from time to time for people to serve Him. From school fellowship to NYSC period and even in d workplace. You would be shocked at the number of collegues in your office who go to church but need help.
    Thanks for the morning tea ‘brother’ Lanre

  2. Echo dat! Thnks for The morning tea. I think God is in d business, like yu said of using d small things or d small people to do great things. Dat way, d little pple get to depend on him and all d glory is turned bk to God.

  3. Akor Mathias Odaikwu

    I think humanity is compared or propelled by their titles to push more especially for those that depends a lot on external validation from people. Years ago I was invited to preach in my school fellowship on this topic while in NYSC. I think I did well challenging then to actions. But after the service year & life realities opened up ( for some if us who never learnt anything on how to handle life real situations) I left the platform. In summary, to called any name that connects you to God is like insult. You will start acting Gideon. If am a man of God why jobless, money less, homeless, necked etc. Until I found again Jeremiah 1:5….that I was born, He knew me, sanctified and ordained me to the nationals. I moved that same hour and it has never been the same again.
    Thanks again for the morning “tea” in did and congratulations!

  4. Unfortunately, Lanre, most people lament what they don’t haven rather than apprecite it/them and seek to use it/them to glorify God and the nenefit of others, especially those around the religious realm, this reminds one of the chorus: Count your blessings, name them noe by one …. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.
    I therefore join you in encouraging all readers of this posting to use whatever they have, no matter how seemingly small, to the benefit of themselves and then their immediate environments and eventually the larger worldm the saying is also true and relevant: Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.(

  5. aremu oyefunke oyetunde

    Thanks Lanre.its so certain we have a task in our hands as individual,as a family,as a church.ko easy men BUT we can always ask God for the grace.thanks for this piece

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