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Force of Finance (2)

One of my earliest lessons in Economics is the reason for Economics: limited resources!

If everything existed in abundance, there would be no need to study Economics or learn how to allocated resources.

When you pluck a flower in the morning, by evening it withers if you don’t put its stem in water. Why? The flower does not take note that it is disconnected from the main plant. It continues to live as though it were still connected. It loses all the moisture it should have conserved, and it withers.

Most humans work because they HAVE TO work. Yet, most still do not have enough. Are we pushing out too much of our earnings?

If we put 3 eggs in a basket each evening after work and take out two eggs for breakfast the next morning, in time, the basket would get full! As the Richest Man in Babylon teaches, CONTROL YOUR EXPENDITURES.

Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

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