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Force of Finance (3)

Do you have some cash sitting idle?
Why are survival skills not taught in school?

One rich man taught that he had two careers; one for himself and one for his money. What is the career of your money?

I guess the bigger your sum, the higher it could get paid. But that does not exclude the smaller sums. The most important thing is actually to start. If money labours for you and you do not eat your labourers, it will certainly grow.

Even if all you can do is to put the money in a savings account, find out which one pays the highest interest.
Could your trustworthy trader neighbour hire your money and pay you returns?
Even if you buy a parcel of land with your savings and nothing appears to be happening, over time the value of the land would increase.

Find a job for your savings; Multiply Your Savings

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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