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Force of Finance (5)

Growing up in a less-pressure city in Nigeria other than Lagos, I thought it was normal for every family to own a house. it could come very early, or later; it could be big, sprawling, or simple, small. It could be in the heart of town or on the outskirts, but every family seemed to own a house!

Then I got to Lagos where were the best cars, the biggest businesses, the richest people and of course, the most people. I was shocked to find that not only were families tenants with no end in sight, but even grandparents still had to pay rent! I was naive and shocked.

The Richest Man in Babylon advises that every family should own their own house.
These days, the biggest bill any family has to pay is usually for house rent. Imagine how much would be freed up to grow alternative incomes if you don’t have to pay rent! Owning the house also makes room for more permanent fixtures, add-ons, and other facilities. They say it also affords better sleep at night.

But how realistic or feasible is it? I think we all need to desire it and work towards it; the earlier we start, the better.

The old advice still holds true: Make of your dwelling a profitable investment.

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