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Force of Finance (1)

Do you work for money?
I suppose that, like me, you’d prefer to say No.

However, most of us would not go to work when we do, where we do, or the way we do if not that life says, “Work!” And at the earliest possible time, we would like to take the next exit off this route.

Why do we work?
Because there are bills to pay,
Because we love what we do,
Because we can’t imagine doing “nothing,” etc

Most people work because there are bills to pay. While that may be fine for a while, we need to keep our eyes on the big picture We need to manage what we earn today to ensure we are less dependent on this salary “tomorrow.”

One of the lessons the game Cashflow 101, created by Rich Dad Poor Dad, teaches is that getting financially independent depends more on your plan than on how much you earn. It’s a bit unconvincing, I think. But there are some sides of town which our salary does not permit us to live. There are some restaurants we will not ordinarily walk into by ourselves. We need to ensure we do not overextend ourselves consistently

Summarily, a part of all you earn is yours to keep. As it is said, after paying the transporters, the landlord, the schools, the phone companies, and giving to charity, make sure you set aside something to tag your own. Take it as a reward for your hard work; keep it to own it.

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