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Giving Money Away

Such a nice title; everyone loves “giveaways!”

There are several perspectives on giving. There are religious perspectives such as zakat and tithing. There are social perspectives talking about Corporate Social Responsibility and charities. Some people blend these options, others prefer to stand aloof. Your money is your money, and no one should determine how you share your money other than you. The only thing we can contribute is information to define your convictions.

Are there benefits to giving?

If you look at the richest men in the world, we will see that they end up making so much money that they practically cannot finish spending in two lifetimes. And yet, at that level, they really cannot stop making money; talking about money chasing people! So what do they do with the money?

They give it away!

There’s the quote attributed to Andrew Carnegie, “I spent the first half of my life making money and the second half of my life giving it away to do the most good and the least harm.” He was the richest man in the world of his day.

In our world, Bill Gates is sponsoring the eradication of malaria as well as medical and energy research with inputs from Warren Buffet. Elon Musk is pushing for improved environmental stewardship with the advancement of electric cars. He also donates multi-millions to various charities and to the Elon Musk Foundation.

Without debating on how or how much the ultra-rich contribute to charity, a good question to ask is if anyone and everyone can give as well.

Everyone should give at their level, give what you can afford, and how your heart leads you. And share the experience to encourage others


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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  1. Thank you bro Lanre.
    I love stimulating dimensions of your writing, and I believe many people with traumatized giving experiences would be interested in it. Life and living is about giving if you observe it very carefully.

    I am somewhat curious why ultimate givers like the soldiers who risk all for his nation are not often referenced like those throwing away a fraction of their wealth.

    Is it to stimulate desired behaviour or that is the standard of giving with humanity?
    Have we truly explored the motivations of the so-called billion givers to be indeed of a charitable course?

    If so, why haven’t they made the whole nation millionaires since some of them have more millions than their national population?

    I am not dishing anyone, nor do I intend to dampen anyone’s charitable forte’. The little i know is that a baker does not give bread out of generosity. Can we learn to look beyond the sleeves?

    Just wondering. Cheers bro, and more grace.

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