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This is the season when we begin to dust our planners and journals; the time when “Mr Procrastination” suddenly becomes responsible for all uncompleted self-help projects. This is the time when gyms and health clubs advertise and prepare for profit (Note that profit is here define as people who register for a year in January and drop out in February).
Not sure my mind was really prepared for detailed planning but the wave of the season picked me up and I got into it. I started reviewing my 2013 plans, and it gave me a picture of what to aspire to in 2014: What goals are to be carried over; toned down; jerked up; or jettisoned? 
I was able to come up with about 6 critical success factors: things which, if achieved, would lead me to pronounce 2014 a success! But then, one item caught my eyes and I quickly shot a prayer to God that if I achieve nothing else in 2014, this one would be okay for me. Then I smiled uncannily as I remembered a story:
There was a wealthy man who died but not intestate. His wife was already late and he had only one son who everyone believed would inherit everything. When the will was presented, it was baffling! The man gave his son the  chance to pick only one item from his estate and everything else would go to his Head Slave.
The son was distraught. He considered leaving everything for the Head Slave, but then, half loaf is better than none. In his depression, he met an old wise man and shared his dilemma with him. The old man laughed. He asked if the contender was a slave or a servant. The boy replied that he was a slave and wondered what use that piece of info could be for!
The old man beamed as he praised the wisdom of the boy’s father. He gave the boy his counsel and on the day of the choice, friends and family were gathered. The Head Slave was dressed like a prince awaiting enthronement. When the son was called upon to pick his one item, there was grave silence! He staggered forward unsure of what the outcome of his plan would be! Then he announced that he wanted the Head Slave!
There was an eerie echo of wow as everyone knew that the owner of the slave owns all the belongings of the slave. And so the boy possessed the whole estate that was rightly his.
Have you identified the one thing that, if achieved, would make you pronounce 2014 a success?
Is it such a thing that would trigger the achievement of numerous other goals (Domino effect)?

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  1. One of the biggest issues I still struggle with is procrastination. It is amazing how certain I am that I will do it in 2 hours or 5 or tomorrow… But to get up and do it immediately seems unnecessary or impossible. Thanks for this piece.

  2. Thank you so much for this lanre! I also exclaimed wow! In a nutshell, there is the need to be focused on the ‘major things’. Thank you again.

  3. hnnnn! just “one thing” not “many things”

  4. Just one thing. . .Hmmm, I smile to myself knowing exactly what that one thing is. Help me Lord

  5. Good food for thought. Ride on.

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