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At one time or the other, we all have had inappropriate things come up on our computers or mobile devices while surfing the internet. It could be on your personal device, or at an internet cafe, or at a borrowed device. Sometimes, you feel the inappropriate thing followed a cookie to your device. At other times, you are sure that it was not any cookie; it just came!
Sometimes you see gross pictures that could haunt your mind for the next few days. Other times they are just symbols of idleness set to take your time: “Watch this video and see what happens to the guy on the left.” At other times its news that would leave us either angry or afraid.
What are we to do?
We have kept quiet and it has not helped; we have spoken against it but we have not necessarily got results. Why not produce good content?
In 2011 a guy whose name I cannot remember wrote about 10 points to make the new year a good year. One key point that came across to me was that we should not just be consumers on the internet; we should also contribute! Hmm. That was why I started this blog.
There are people that we have to defriend on Facebook for habitually posting inappropriate content; and there are those whose walls we check when we need encouragement. There are those we know we could get good information from; there are those that we get gossip info from. The question is not, “What kind of content do you contribute?” Rather, we should ask, “What could I contribute to make the pool better?
There is doubtless a battle between good and evil, between light and darkness; and every little torch counts!


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  1. Thank you for the reminder… social media is my little corner to adding colour and sharing love in this world while I am here.

  2. On point my brother. This is so timely and accurate. If we were all involved in populating the web with good content, then there would be great alternatives for all the trash out there. The reason why some things have thrived is because it is getting viewing/reading. Knowledge has been democratized and until we do something about the content online, then we’ll be chocked with loads of life-threatening crap.

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