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Healthy Lockdown

Reading this, you are likely locked down, partially or fully. A friend prefers to say locked in. At least, our movement is largely restricted.

There have been encouraging effects of the lockdown such as cleaner air in China, dolphins coming to the quays in Italy, and general peace and quiet every.

It’s been a while since Kim felt like testing a missile. And even the oil war only makes sense where there’s a demand for oil. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Our bodies are used to movement, and rightly so. How do we ensure good health despite restricted movement?

Food. Talking about food, we do not need as much body fuel to sit in as we do to go out. We have to cut down our food intake if we must maintain healthy weights and BMI

Sleep. How has it been working from home for first timers? You may find yourself going from bed (at whatever time) straight to the laptop. And you practically forget to close from work till very late in the night when the body complains.

We have to maintain appropriate work time regimes. In fact, we should incorporate siesta into our schedules to ensure our bodies enjoy good rest during the lockdown.

Physical, not social distancing. While we mostly call it social distancing, it has been said that we are only required to be physically distant, not socially. Keep in touch with friends and family. Do video calls. “Visit” at home.

Exercise. Excuses to exercise worked months back. But now, if you don’t plan for it, you may learn the meaning of “couch potato” the hard way.

Even if all the space you have is 10m long, back and forth 100 times is 1km. You could also download exercise videos and use them regularly. Some are even dances.

Mental Engagement. Get thinking! While we are sitting still, we should not allow our brains to sit still. Explore ideas. Resolve logjams. Create something. The word Atrophy means that when we don’t use something enough, it becomes less effective.

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  1. Great reminder for how to maximise the season. 👍🏾

  2. Adeteju Adeniran

    The mental engagement point stood out for me. Insightful thoughts!

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