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Hmmm! God again!!

God again!

A certain gentleman lived for God in his locale. He spoke to the rebellious youths though fiercely, but they seemed to be able to heed his words alone!
He was such a strange man. He had no wife, no children; no visitors, no friends; he was more like The man from Sagamu! Many had reasons to wonder what he ate as he seldom appeared in the market. He had nothing to sell, not much to buy either! He was no farmer, no transporter; just weird!
He was often seen coming from the mountain, but with no eagle eggs collected; if he was coming from the forest, you’d see him with no basket of fruit! His feet and sandals always indicated much travels on foot. Surprisingly though, his clothes were never dirty, never worn!
If he passed through the city gates in the twilight when old men relaxed with lagers and “palmy,” they would be seen shifting in their seats; not able to run, not able to stay! While this man would utter no word, his presence seemed to pronounce judgement on the guilty!
He seemed to be loved only by the women, those whom the community had silenced despite being ill-treated; and the little girls who had been told that a peaceful future depended on the words dropping like diamonds from the mouth of this weirdo!
One thing about him that baffled everyone still was that the king’s chariot often parked outside his bungalow. At times he would go with it, but never did he come home in it! At times, he would be heard telling off the king’s men in loud and unfriendly tones. He seemed to be the only one the military men did not dare to chance! The rumour mill even has it that king’s from neighbouring cities often invited him over to their magnificent mansions.
A few years back, our king was driving everyone crazy with his craze. No one expected this old man to react, but that was exactly what he did! He spoke to the king rudely; he condemned His Royal Majesty! He walked out on the C-in-C and even promised to make governance unpalatable for him.
Afterwards no one saw him again, for many months. But somehow, the mean temperature in the environment seemed to be rising. And later it was observed that the rainy season was actually long overdue. For the farmlands, burnt would be an understatement, though there was no fire. Time it was, for everyone to know what was called “a rib cage”; it was visible everywhere! One by one, farm and domestic animals were slaughtered to keep humans alive!
What would you do if this man appeared at your door one evening?
I was scared stiff! Good, it was mum who answered the door, and he made his way in without being invited. He sat down and we were … yes! Scared! Trouble was sitting in our house. Afterwards, mum told me she wasn’t really sure which to choose: the old man who at some time had been the solution, and at other times the problem; or the emptiness of the kitchen staring at her gentle heart!
To finish it all off, the old man asked for food and mum went right off to cook for him the little cup of rice we were supposed to share for dinner!
But that was the turning point. My life would not remain the same again! Unimaginable but that little cup of rice went round the 3 of us, and somehow the next day, a man appeared at the door. He wouldn’t even come inside. He said he used to know dad years back, and that his heart was prompted to send foodstuff to us urgently!
“What!? In this time of Global Meltdown?”
Mum was in tears.
This was the beginning of greater things to come!
Old weirdo did not say a word! He had some old books and he was either writing, reading or nodding to himself! We lived in the outer fringes of the town, but his presence in the house seemed to invite all good things.
One day he invited me for a stroll. Confused and excited, I went with him. He explained to me how he had a personal relationship with God and that God told him several things which he was always writing down.
He said he indeed pronounced the recession on the city, but it was not because he hated the people. He was simply instructed by God to do so. He said it was about purging the city of wickedness and not to punish the Godly.
He told me several things. Healings, raising of the dead, supernatural provisions, and that he had even had an angel cook for him before! He said he often had wild animals bring him food when he had retreats in the jungle! He said God sent him to our house so we could take care of him. But God never told us?!
He told me something I’ll never forget.
He said the great Man of God is first and foremost A MAN! He said God told him to relocate to the forest, but he watched as the brook that gave him water dried up! And he was afraid that God won’t be able to take care of him for once. He wondered why God would not open another spring to feed his brook.
But he dint have to wait too long before God gave him our address. His only concern was that God told him a widow would take care of him, a single mother, in a recession repressed city! He asked God, “How?”
He said God never answered his question, but of course, he obeyed and when I see him nod, he is appreciating a new thing he has just seen fulfilled!
Weird man Elijah stayed with the widow and her son for months, and went on to announce a heavy rainfall when there was no cloud in view.
Just at the time when we begin to wonder if God’s still got our back, He pulls another stunt!
Just two things we need to do:
1)      Obey
2)      Wait!

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  1. This blessed me sir…Indeed, I need to obey, and wait on God to do the rest – Isa 30:15. Thanks much

  2. He is ever faithful, ever sure; so we should indeed Trus, Obey and wait patiently. He never fails.
    Thank you, Lanre.

  3. Wow I can only say wow. The pictures in my head from that story. I imagined an African village settg and it took me awhile to catch on it was a bible story. I will read my bible diff. tomoro. Thank you. Nice work. I

  4. I sure will wait obediently. nice one.

  5. Lovely piece. Obey and wait, Lord help me.

  6. Bravo!
    Love the story woven from the Story. The messages are…. Plentiful I must say. God is sure a God of Words. Above all else may I never miss my destiny helpers cause they look like the regular.

  7. Beautiful story!

  8. First I thought it was John, then I realised it was Elijah. This is a very very wonderful piece. Obey and Wait! More grace, More wisdom, More understanding in Jesus name, Amen!

  9. Wow! Writing the Bible Story in contemporary times. I love it. The use of the first person narrative makes the reader relates in more personal terms. Bro Lanre, when are you going to publish your novel?

  10. Thanks bro Lanre, to obey and wait, that is it!

  11. Very inspiring! Thanks bro Lanre.
    May God give us the grace to obey and wait

  12. This is simply exciting and refreshing of the story on Elijah. Thanks Lanre

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