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How God Manages Change

How God Manages Change

In Change Management, some 5 strategies for Implementing Change are popular.
After learning them in class, I saw them in the Word of God.
Then I saw that instead of telling God what the Professor said, we should be able to tell the Professor what God said since…!!!

The 5 strategies:

1) THE BIG BANG. (E.g. the sudden removal of fuel subsidy)
Where do we see this in the bible? Several!
E.g. When God finally got tired of the ways of man, He arranged Noah’s family in an ark and instantly wiped out all terrestrial life!

2) When God finally decided to give the Israelites a king, what did He do with the sitting judge? Delete him?
No! God allowed Samuel to continue to wield influence side-by-side with Saul till Samuel eventually passed on, marking the end of the system of Judges.
So what did the Professor call this? PARALLEL-RUNNING!

3) When Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan, God told them that He won’t give them the whole land at the same time lest wild animals increased. He promised to give it to them progressively as they grew in number.
So what did the Professor call this? PHASED INTRODUCTION!

4) When Jesus started out the New Life for us, He was only preaching in Israel, from town to town! He never went out of his country. However, when He was leaving, He told His disciples to start from Jerusalem, then to expand to Judea. And after to progress to Samaria, and progressively preach the Gospel to the whole world!
What did Prof call this?
Not a very “tech” name, but it is for a system that is made to work first in a small location, then “transplanted” to other locations!

5) The last of the 5 Implementation Strategies is just a mixture of the aforementioned four.
Pastor Adeboye of the RCCG said the solution to his PhD in Mathematics problem came to him as he read the story of how God divided the Red Sea into two, and he got the idea to divide the mathematical problem into two and that was it!
I wonder how much more we would achieve if we would ask God, or study His Word with open and hungry minds!
God is ancient, un-modern, yet His un-updated book is still most current!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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