I found it funny that a “Ukranian” would write a book in English and title it in Yoruba: Olorun wa! His translation of the title was unconventional (it would have read: There is God); but it was philosophical, reading The Roads of Life.
Though Sunday Adelaja was born in Yorubaland in English-speaking  Nigeria, he moved to Russia in his teens. So he does communicate in Yoruba, English, and Russian.However, what could make one write a book in one language, and title it in another language? He is an icon. He relocated physically out Nigeria, and eventually, mentally. Hence, he settled in quickly and has become a Charismatic leader (though not a positional leader) in a community in which Africans are still unpopular.
First, he considered his ending up in Ukraine as the plan of God. Second, he reasoned that if God wanted him in Ukraine, it must be for a Ukrainian purpose. Third, he did not move towards a green pasture; he planted his own garden, and watered it till it became enviably green. He reached out to the disadvantaged and the “rejects” of the community and they worked together till these same people became graceful, confident, purposeful, and forces to reckon with in the nation. Beautiful and promising story of success! The challenges of the community primed the success.
However, the problem with friction is that it both aids motion and impedes it. Many men who have built monuments of success eventually demolished such by themselves e.g. by letting down the guards, or not holding themselves accountable to anyone. Pastor Sunday has been severally investigated in Ukraine but nothing has been found against him! I once heard that he is not even a signatory to the church account (unverified).
Back to Olorun Wa. On one hand, if you are an icon (the best at what you do) you can do almost anything and get away with it. Most people will buy the book by the author, not by the title. On the other hand, what are the characteristics of icons of success?
(Icons like Steven Covey, Steven Jobs, Thomas Edison, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Billy Graham, etc.)
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