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In The Long Run

I recently published a book: In The Long Run. It is about a phase of life that almost everyone is going to arrive at: Retirement.

Let us look at it as the top of a high mountain which we aspire to climb. At the base of the mountain, everything is fine; the temperature is normal, and strength is at its highest. But as we climb higher, the air gets thinner, the temperature drops, and we get tired. Those who make it to the top of the mountain are the ones who prepare the best.

So, how do we prepare?
What exactly is retirement?
Who retires?
What types of retirees are there?
When do we retire?
What are the phases and stages of retirement?
What are the major challenges of retirement?
Could one be blindsided while preparing for retirement?
What are the things to take care of ahead of retirement?
What is the optimum age to start preparing for retirement?

Lastly, finance appears to get the most attention in preparation for retirement, but is it the most significant concern?
We may find that some people do not plan to retire. It is as though they have not factored that retirement is inevitable as the body slows down.
Some people believe that retirement is far off, and adopt the “we-will-come-to-it-later” attitude. They forget that preparation takes time.

In The Long Run is about how to make the most of this seemingly far-off phase of life: retirement.

You can purchase copies of the book on Amazon and Konga:



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  1. Olubunmi Ogunro

    Coming at the right time from our very own Lanre.
    Thumbs up!

  2. Wow! Lanre, this is great. Well done bro.

  3. This atimes seems like a nightmare to some comfortable employees but we need to face reality early enough so it doesn’t break us.

  4. Congratulations Lanre….it is a life phase everyone dreams and dreads…

  5. Preparation is essential. IN THE LONG RUN is a good guide for preparation.

  6. Well done and you did an excellent job here. I got my copy already and have read it as well. Its a great start for anyone and easy to read too! I highly recommend – In the Long Run!

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