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Keeping Hope Alive

Few weeks ago, a close pal called me. He asked after a mutual friend who I really should know more about. I’ll call him KEN. I told him Ken should be in Lagos. He exclaimed, “Ken is dead!”
I was dumbfounded; he referred me to Ken’s Facebook page. Ken died 7 months prior! Whoa! I picked my phone and tried his number. Not reachable! Traces of information on his Facebook wall said he felt weak on a Thursday, went to the hospital and died in about 4 days.
…those events that make one hear a song that no one is singing!
Weeks later, I had the privilege of talking to Ken’s mentor on the phone. Ken had issues with his wife, and he seemed to have given up hope. He got fed up of life. He claimed to have seen visions of heaven, and within 2 weeks his body succumbed!
Is it so easy to decide and just die? I remember the tall, handsome gospel singer senior in university days! He was involved in a road traffic accident and his legs were amputated. He said he couldn’t live without legs, and within days he was dead!
Feels like a movie, but from the Word of God and history, and all indications, “first within, then without”; As a man thinketh, so is he!

It appears that in most situations in life, we have a choice (in some we don’t!) I have seen students who failed out of hopelessness. I have seen students who kept failing, but not losing hope! One of such eventually passed and got into the university before those of us who never failed!
I have seen wayward children restored to the hopes of their parents; I have seen wayward children prodded on by the hopeless cussing of their parents.
While there is much emphasis on FAITH today, Apostle Paul referred us to 3 attributes: Faith, Hope & Love. And he dint tell us which one is not necessary.
I do not think it is possible to have FAITH where there is no trace of Hope (A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen).
Think of one bad situation which you have more or less given up on; a situation you do not really expect to work out any more.
BEAM hope on it again.
COMMIT it to God in prayer.
If you give it a chance, it could still live!

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  1. Thank you sir for these words, wil let ♍Ɣ hope come alive again!
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  2. Thank you for this piece! I renew my hope in ……

  3. omolara Obajuluwa

    Faith makes Hope or dead things comes alive.Infact I am a living testimony when I was waiting unto God for d fruit of d womb.God bless u my brother for reminding me again dis morning.

  4. Wow, I am glad I am following your blog cos this write up as short as it is has opened my inner eyes to lots of things. May God continue to strenthen you and give you more wisdom.

  5. Yes, Lanre, every seemingly hopeless situation can come alive again like the dry bones in Ezek 37. At the prophesy of Ezekiel as commanded by the Lord, the bones came together, flesh came upon them. V 10:’ So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath came upon them, and they lived, and they lived….’ Our good Lord is ever graciousm

  6. How strange is it that Rev. Sam Adeyemi preached the same message this morning??

  7. Yes Lanre, it’s true. Never never never give up so far there is still breathe in you

  8. Oh!True talk. We can decide whether to go now or not. Paul too at a time decided to stay more but im blessed really.

  9. God works in wondrous ways! Just what I needed.You would not believe it,that I started thinking seriously about death,recently. I even thought about it in church today and wondered if this was going to be my last Sunday in church. I got home and felt completely down; I will say hopeless is the right word. My eyes were teary on the way home and I prayed to God. I asked why I was feeling this way. Just before I read your write-up, I wondered if there was anyone I could talk to, someone who would understand. I thought about reading my Bible and the Open Heavens (by Pastor E.A. Adeboye) to see if God will lift my spirit again. It just seemed like the my entire world was crumbling. I felt this inner sorrow. I kind of prayed what seemed like a last prayer in church today.
    Your words came just in time. There is never coincidence in God’s schedule. The words ministered unto me. My faith and hope is alive again.
    I remembered when I went through surgery last year. The doctor said there were complications during the surgery, my blood pressure had risen and the medical team were really scared. He said there was a problem with the administration of the anesthesia. I went to the surgical room with all the determination to survive. I didn’t long to survive for me; I was determined not to give up for fear that the sorrow of my death on my family members will be too much for them to bear. My sister’s wedding was just two months away, I wasn’t ready to spoil her joy. I thought about my kid brother in school and how the news of my death will perpetually truncate his academic carrier. I thought about my parents and the several fasting and prayers my mum, especially, had gone through. I was determined to live. I asked the doctor if he was a christian and I requested that the handkerchief I tied on my hands be left on me. It was anointed from the Holy Ghost service.
    Shortly before the surgery, the doctor had declared that I was in a critical state and that the only remedy was surgery within the next few hours. It was either I had the surgery as soon as possible or the outcome was left to be imagined. My parents had the faith and I attached my hope to their faith. The Lord gave me victory at last. The period after the surgery was the worst. Some nights, I felt my heart-beat fading away. It was a battle. There was a time, I told my sister all my pin-codes and passwords, I told her every secret I felt I had in the world because I was scared that I was going. She was angry with me and kept blocking her ears. She said she wasn’t going to listen. I felt how much every one wanted me to survive and I fought to survive. Today, I have the testimony. Sometimes, I look at the surgical scar and I remember how great God has been to me.
    This write-up brought back memories that affirm the importance of keeping hope alive.
    Thank you,Bro Lanre.

  10. Thank you!!!


  12. just what i needed.

  13. this is so so true, my fiends mum died the same way after her first daughter died, she just stopped living and soon she was gone, she left the other three children..

  14. Hope in God, am hoping, I wake up each day to renew my hope…can’t afford to lose it! Thank you

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